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All the programs listed below are free and open-source. Unless otherwise stated, they are all cross-platform (at least Windows, Mac and Linux).

Praat: a cross-platform program for phonetic annotation and analysis.

Python: a simple, clean and powerful programming language.

R: a quirky but very powerful environment for data visualization and statistics.

RStudio: a very nice IDE for R.

LibreOffice: a good alternative to Microsoft Office.

Debian: a free, secure operating system based on the Linux kernel.

Zotero: an excellent reference manager. It can be used either as a standalone application or as a Firefox extension.


Projet PFC: "Phonologie du français contemporain : usages, variétés, structure". A phonological database of spoken French varieties.

Projet IPFC: "Interphonologie du français contemporain". A phonological database of non-native speakers of French.

Lexique 3: a lexical database containing over 135,000 French words, with phonemic forms, syllabification, etc.