Tools and scripts

Cherry tree


libdcn: a Python library to work with dynamic computational networks (DCN’s) developed by Goldsmith and Larson. Derived sonority is computed using Prince’s (1990) equation (vectorized form). This library requires NumPy (GPL license).

PFC toolbox: a Python application to manage a collection of TextGrid and sound files. It is now superseded by Dolmen and is no longer supported, but the code might be useful to someone writing a concordancer in Python (GPL license).

OTableau: a cross-platform WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for Optimality Theory (OT) tableaux that can generate LaTeX code. (written with Nathan Sanders)

Praat scripts

Praat is a computer program for phonetic analysis developed by Paul Boersma and David Weenink.

prosody2xml: extract prosodic information (duration, pitch, intensity) about intervals in one or more tiers and write the output to an XML file.

fix_tier: a simple script to copy part of a tier into another one.

tier2text: a simple script to write the content of a tier to a plain text file.

transpraat : a script that writes the content of a TextGrid to a plain text file, taking into account speech turns following the conventions of the PFC project.

R scripts

R is a free environment for statistical computing and graphics.

hufs_phonetics.r (v 0.2): routines to calculate average formant values for vowels in a data frame and to easily plot them in an F1/F2 chart.

Bash scripts a simple script based on rsync to backup data. I use it to synchronize my home directory with an external hard drive.